In the 21 st century we can’t imagine our life without a smartphone and a laptop. For many people a smartphone is not just a gadget for everyday use, the result of integration of advanced technologies into the masses, but a sort of image attribute or a serious toy for advanced minds. Of course, the design of the latest smartphones aims to emphasize the user’s image, but the truth is that a smartphone has always been and remains a device that can add some bright colors to your routine and help solve the pressing problems.

A smartphone is the most important thing in our everyday life, the gadget that we keep with us all the time. Smartphone makers care much about their product design, but don’t bother to make it more durable. It’s very frustrating that your phone can be easily scratched by the keys when put into the pocket. Or because of the hurry it may accidentally slip off your hands and fall on the tile floor or asphalt road. Such falls often result in scratches or a broken screen. So protective cases have been designed to make your gadget last longer. However we will have to make a choice between Phone Skin vs Phone Case. This article will help you understand which of them will meet your needs better.

Skins LoveSo where to choose and buy the needed accessory? The market offers an incredible selection of cases for all types of pocket PCs and more and more of them appear every single day. Specially for you we have narrowed down Places to Find the Perfect Custom iPhone Case. There you will find smartphone cases for any taste: cases made of silicon, leather, rubber, plastic, metal, thermo-polyurethane, as well as transparent, semi-transparent, not transparent cases, in a variety of patterns, with a picture, cases of all the possible colors and textures designed to meet your specific needs. But before you actually visit the store to purchase one make sure you first read about The Top 10 iPhone Case Styles.

In case you fail to find the perfect case for your smartphone consider creating your own exclusive design. Or surprise everyone with your own creation by designing the case yourself, with the help of a detailed instruction How to Create a Customi Phone Case. But don’t forget that in addition to your phone’s exterior design you should think about how to make your phone look unique inside as well. For example, you can customize it with stylish keyboard, unique emojis or exclusive ringtones. There are many special apps for this and we have chosen 11 Apps To Customize Your iPhone.

Laptops have more durable hardware but with the time marks of rubbing and scratches are bound to appear. How to protect your laptop from the possible damage and at the same time personalize it? The answer is simple – just use laptop skins. Even though this sort of accessory is becoming more and more popular worldwide, some people still don’t know what they are used for. Let’s look into this trendy accessory in detail.

The advantages of using laptop skins and decals are the following:
— increased wear resistance of the laptop;
— good waterproof characteristics;
— can be easily removed by heat treatment;
— can quickly change your laptop’s design.

Laptop skins offer the easiest and most affordable way to protect your device from damage. In addition, they can change the look of your laptop within minutes. You don’t need any special skills to use them except accuracy. In case you would like to change the skin of your laptop or any other gadget it can be easily removed, with no traces left. Of course, you can use a laptop bag to protect your device, but, unfortunately, it will fail to protect it during its use. Usually, all damages, such as scratches or chips occur when the device is being used. Besides, the coating of the device is prone to abrasion and this happens when the gadget is in the bag for an extended period of time. So we may draw the conclusion: if you don’t want to spend much money but would like to protect your “high technology” friend from negative externalities consider using laptop skins or decals.

But if you would like to create your own unique design to show off to your friends make sure you follow the steps of this laptop skin DIY project.